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Every wedding is unique,
why should your coverage
be any different!

Every wedding package includes:

  • Full Day Coverage: Our team will be there to document every moment of your wedding day, from the pre-ceremony preparations to the joyous reception. We don't miss a beat!

  • Professional Videographer: You'll have a highly skilled and experienced wedding videographer who knows how to capture the essence and emotions of your day with precision and artistry.

  • Highlight Reel: Along with your full-length wedding film, you'll receive a beautifully crafted highlight reel, perfect for sharing with family and friends on social media.

  • Digital Delivery: Every Video is delivered through both a shareable link on Youtube as well as a digital download link so you can keep/share your files wherever you please.


The Social

One 3-5 minute highlight reel
of the whole day

One 5-10 minute ceremony video

One 60 seccond vertical video

One 15 seccond preview
(Delivered within 1 week)

Everything listed above

5-7 Week Delivery time

The Highlight

One 5-8 minute highlight reel
of the whole day

One full ceremony video

One 60 seccond vertical video

One 30 seccond preview
(Delivered within 1 week)

Everything listed above

4-6 Week Delivery time

The All Inclusive

One 8-12 minute highlight reel
of the whole day

One full ceremony video

Two 60 seccond vertical videos
(In any tiktok/Socials style you'd like)

One 60 seccond preview
(Delivered within 1 week)

Everything listed above

3-5 Week Delivery time

What to Expect


Your wedding day can be one of the most exciting and also nerve-wracking days of your life, my goal is to capture every moment of that day in a non-intrusive and stress-free way!

My typical arrival time is around when the bride starts her hair and makeup. When I arrive, I’ll make sure to stop in and say hello, get a feel for the best time to capture getting-ready shots, and then begin setting up my equipment in the ceremony area.

Once the photographer(s) arrive, I will generally stick with them as we follow the schedule throughout the day.

At some point before the ceremony, I usually take a couple of minutes with both the bride and groom to capture each one reading their letter. This helps give a unique and heartfelt voiceover for the final video.

During the ceremony itself, I work alongside the photographers to make sure that we both get the best shots possible while remaining non-intrusive to the ceremony itself.

During the reception (as long as time allows) we’ll take a quick excursion right around sunset to capture some video at golden hour. This footage almost always ends up being my favorite, and I think it will end up being yours too!

Finally, during the Send-off, be prepared to run through the sparkler/streamer line a few times! This allows both the photographers and I to capture the moment in the best way possible!


Once the wedding is over, your work is done and the second half of mine begins! Depending on the time frame of the package you selected, you may see your final video in as little as two weeks! (Although, don’t be surprised if you get a few texts with screenshots/videos much sooner!)

Once I’ve completed the edit, I’ll send over a low-resolution version for you to review. If you have any concerns or tweaks you’d like made, just let me know and I’ll get those changes made asap.

* While I don’t charge for edits to the video, if the review process takes over 3 rounds of edits, additional charges of $75 per hour may apply.

Once you’re satisfied with the video. I’ll render out the final versions to your delivery method of choice, and those links will be delivered to you.

The Fine Print

The following constitutes the Videography Agreement (the “Agreement”) of Quillan Scheer Videography (the “Videographer”). Please read the Agreement in its entirety and contact the Videographer if you have any questions or concerns about the Agreement. As used in the Agreement, all references to “you” or “your” or the “Client” refers to the signer of this Agreement.

The client agrees to pay a 25% deposit on or before 30 days of signing this contract as retainer to hold the date. This fee is non-refundable but is transferable if given 30 days notice of a date change.

The client agrees to pay the full remainder of the balance on or before 14 days of the wedding day.

Quillan Scheer Videography is not responsible for poor audio if the groom does not agree to wear a lapel microphone, dark or grainy video resulting from inadequate lighting or the refusal of the client to allow camera-top lighting at the reception, or electrical or mechanical malfunctions on location that are beyond our control.

Unless requested otherwise, Quillan Scheer Videography reserves the right to use videos and photos for display and or promotional purposes.

Upon cancellation or rescheduling of the wedding date, the client will be obligated to pay 50% of the remaining balance if services are canceled within 60 days before the wedding date. If the balance has already been paid by this point, no refunds will be issued. If the wedding date needs to be rescheduled, a new contract will be created with a new date. The original retainer may be used for one rescheduled date, any further rescheduling will result in a new retainer.

For weddings taking place within a 50-mile radius of Knoxville, TN, no additional travel charges shall apply. The total cost of services as outlined in this contract includes all expenses for local events falling within this specified radius. For weddings taking place outside the 50-mile radius of Knoxville, TN, a supplementary travel charge of $1 per mile shall be applied. The additional travel fee will be calculated based on the round trip distance from Knoxville, TN, to the wedding venue location.

Client acknowledges that he/she is familiar with the Quillan Scheer Videography’s portfolio and is requesting services with knowledge of the company’s style and that Quillan Scheer’s work is constantly evolving; that the Quillan Scheer Videography's services are of a unique and artistic nature; that the video may be different from videos done by the company in the past; and that in creating the videos we shall use our own creative artistic judgment to create videos consistent with our personal judgment and consistent with our vision of the event, which may be different from the clients and or the subject’s vision of the event. Accordingly, client acknowledges that the videos shall not be subject to rejection on the basis of taste or esthetic criteria.

If Quillan Scheer Videography fails to comply with the terms of this agreement due to any event or at beyond the control of Quillan Scheer Videography, including but not limited to illness, accident, labor disputes, acts of God and other catastrophes, or uncontrollable and unforeseeable equipment failure, Quillan Scheer Videography’s liability is limited only to a refund of all monies received.

The client reserves the right to terminate the contract for any reason up to 90 days before the date of the wedding. Should the client terminate the contract, all money paid minus the retainer which is $250 will be refunded.