Videography has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I started filming weddings at the age of 11, borrowing my dad's old camcorder and capturing any wedding I could from the balcony of my local church. If you were fortunate, you might have received your wedding video within the same year. Fast forward 15 years, and both my equipment and delivery times have significantly improved, but my love of film and storytelling have stayed as strong as ever!

Q Scheer, A local knoxville Wedding videographer
Q Scheer, A local knoxville Wedding videographer



I'm committed to capturing your day in an authentic and unique way that reflects who you are as a couple and all the work you put into your big day!

Prices start at $2500


Looking to get married somewhere a little more exotic? We'll capture every little moment and stunning backdrop in a cinematic masterpiece.

Prices start at $3000


Looking to capture a more intimate ceremony with a smaller footprint? I've got you covered! Treasure the exquisite moments spent with your one and only.

Prices start at $1250

Some Recent Favorites


Johnny & Macy

Johnny and Macy have two of the most energetic and loving personalities I've encountered. They love life and they love eachother. Their October wedding at the Common House in Chattanooga was bright and colorful and their their highlight video reflects just that!


Brooks & Ali

As lifelong Wes Anderson fans, Brooks & Ali bonded over their love of quirky cinema. Their wedding videos infuse their special moments with artistic playfulness reminiscent of Wes' cinematic masterpieces.


Curtis & kadi

Curtis and Kadi are both deeply entrenched in the world of theater. They share a lifelong passion for the magic of storytelling. Kadi also works as a princess for Knoxville Princess Parties. Their unique highlight video pays tribute to the playful fairytale nature of their love story.

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Quillan Scheer of Q Videography in Knoxville posing during a wedding video
Quillan Scheer of Q Videography in Knoxville posing during a wedding video

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